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My Breast Friend is a brand tenderly created through my personal experience of breast cancer in 2019.  

At the age of 46, I discovered a large lump in my right breast during my morning bathroom routine. It was a huge shock, a moment in time that rocked me to the core. It’s been both a traumatic and transformational journey physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As I began to make sense of my own story and diagnosis, what became clear was how disconnected I had become from listening to and checking in with my body. I didn’t have a regular breast self-check practice and neither did many women I chatted with.

It was here that the idea for My Breast Friend was born. Two years later, I’m proudly launching my first range of luxurious handmade body lotions and body washes, my personal heartsong to all women and their relationship with their bodies.

Thank you

Thank you

A special thanks to Natalie Kessell from Pink Hibiscus who developed and handmade this first range of lotions and washes.  I specifically chose to work with a boutique skincare manufacturer who understood and aligned with my values and have learnt so much from Nat, who has shown me incredible kindness and support.

These products have been developed to promote awareness and support for breast cancer, by encouraging women to connect with their bodies and make breast self-checks a regular and empowering practice.

You are your own best breast advocate and I hope my products can play a role in educating and facilitating you to feel more comfortable and inspired to integrate self-checks into your weekly routine.

I’m committed to giving back to the breast cancer community and will be donating at least $2 from the sale of each product to the BCNA, Australia’s leading breast cancer consumer organisation.

I’m honoured and grateful for your support.

Kath x